Saturday, May 29, 2010

limericks from my 7th grade class

teaching fail #1
most of my 8th graders wrote a thank you note to our principal... and wrote "Principle"  -_-

teaching fail #2 
I taught the limerick.
I had them write their own limerick.

Here are a few examples

the best one:
There was a young man named Nick
Who likes to eat and play rick
A man kick he's neck
He replied "What the heck"
And the man got puch by Nick.
(b/c he understood the rhyme)

More typical:
There was a cute girl called Leta
who really likes to eat banana
Leta said "I want more"
Mommy said "There's no more"
She cried and ran to her papa

There once was a girl named Lyla
Who sat around a fiya
Her dress started to burn
So she got up and turned
And ran right into wata
(to be fair, H.G. Wells's limerick also had some made up words)

And because it's late, i'll close with this gem (the inspiration to this blog post)

Vomit are yellow,
and so do marshmellows
So if their breeze
So there are breeze
I like yellow.

And HELLO Saturday.

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