Monday, April 12, 2010

difficult decision

AT GCA we're preparing for Reading Emphasis Week and as a teacher here, we're all required to submit a small summary of our favorite childhood book.

You know how freaking hard that was?

I was perusing, clicked the "children's literature" tag and went through lists rating each one I had read.

I narrowed down to Judy Blumes, Beverly Clearys and Roald Dahls.  Those were definitely favs.  I wasn't a super fan of picture books ever..  I think, I was discontent with how some picture books had fun stories but ugly pictures, while other picture books promised such adventure and the story was boring.

Like who cares about if you give a mouse or cookie or how much a bunny loves a rabbit etc?  No goodnight moon for me. 

But I still read them.

I think I have a huge thing for fairytales and myths though.  Particularly the story of Cinderella and Cupid and Psyche.  and i LOVE absolutely LOVE re-workings and re-tellings... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Mom's stories of Cinderella and kongji and patjji.
Ever After
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Ella Enchanted
Cinderella Story 
and now the KDrama "Cinderella's Sister" is... <3

Cupid and Psyche
the greek myths
The Golden Ass
Til We Have Faces

Me encanta stories.

And that idea of an orphaned daughter, a prince, a fairy godmother, a glass shoe, a midnight curfew.  Magic.


  1. what about rats of nimh?

  2. Oh. Sally, I remember really liking that book and our teacher offered extra credit if we knew what NIMH stood for... I still don't know :-(

    And I don't even remember the story anymore.

  3. hoonz...i can't wait to see you next week in a dress & curls. hasta luego, hermanita!! -ang :)