Friday, May 7, 2010


Every year I'm more and more inclined to attend Resolved.

Every year, I decide not to and explain why, which then reminds me of why I dislike mass Christian conferences.

I remember going to large conferences ever since I was a kid.  (You know that stereotype where "if you're a pastor's kid, your vacations are planned around retreats and conferences"?  yeah, that was true).  And since my dad was doing college ministry, my siblings and I were the only children there so when we got older, us three would go by ourselves to the "youth" portions.  Always super awkward.  Always super annoying.  I remember being shoved out of the way by other azian christian kids as they screamed to David Crowder Band or whoever was leading praise.  I'm not saying I was so righteous or anything, but I felt like it was extremely hypocritical to push someone away just so you could "praise God."  Then I'd remember walking home with my family and college students and seeing youth kids smoking or doing whatevers outside the building.

The adults weren't much better either.. running up to the front, saving seats, etc etc etc.  It was annoying.  I'd be tired.  We'd go to Disney World on the last day and someone would get lost.  We'd come home tired and sweaty.  Maybe with an extra speeding ticket. 

I didn't like standing in line for autographs (even though it was cool when I got one), I didn't like big long lines period.. and I guess I still don't like conferences.  I don't see the point.  There's the temptation to "over praise" just because you're in an area where everyone else is.. there's the feelings of annoyances as people bump into you, as tempers flare, or as you suppress things, there's the rush.. and apparently, it's not much different at Resolved.  People still come 2 hours early, people still cut in line, etc etc.   And I guess I don't think I'm ready for that. 

Plus, you can listen for free online. 

I mean there WERE good experiences.  There was much group prayer, I LIKED the skits, I liked getting a new t-shirt, I liked hearing different people sing, I liked hearing testimonies, I liked crowding into a hotel room while my dad made ramen with random hotel amenities (like a coffee maker and bathroom cups)..  I liked road trips, I liked all that... and maybe I'm being bitter .. but I just don't like seeing people, Christians especially, say one thing, worship one thing, but then with their actions appear really rude and shovey.

I mean i hear good things though. Mainly good things.  I guess what i'd miss would be hanging out with people, and I HEAR amazing things about what it feels like to worship God with a stadium full of people.  That sounds cool.  But for now, I'll just worship in smaller settings and listen through my ipod afterwards. 

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  1. i'm going to resolved this year