Thursday, May 27, 2010

reading reading lolita in tehran

so i'm sad as i near the end of the book (isn't that always delicious, regretting the end, but having to have a go at it anyway because you can't leave it unfinished?  like life should be, no?)

reading about it makes me care more about Iran.  Now, whenever I hear about news related with Iran, I think of the book and what I learned through that.  Books are powerful.

On that note, do I like the smell of old books?  It always icks me out.  I always try to smell it to see if it has that spicy old musty smell laden with secrets... but really, it's just nasty.  old dust.  being handled.  .. i think books have B.O.

Lastly: I'm excited to try my hand at Henry James and mayyybe give Nabakov another chance in Pale Fire.  (Heck no am i reading Lolita again.  no matter WHAT concessions she made about the sickness of the ordeal and how it's about this abuse of power etc etc... that subject material is le nasty)

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