Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Will life ever change for children like Mohammed? Can it?

This is an article about a boy named Mohammed who is 11 years old and sells cigarettes for $2/day. His mother is sick and his father is a poor rickshaw driver. Mohammed weaves in and out of traffic, avoiding cars, to sell cigarettes... hopefully avoiding those who'll want to take a cigarette without paying or who would hit him because they disagree about the price.
he doesn't go to school.

Dhaka UN Development Programme spokesman Sakil Faizullah says that most working children cannot afford the time to attend regular schooling.
"Because these girls and boys do not have access to education, they become trapped in low-skilled, low-income jobs, which further push them into the vicious cycle of inter-generational poverty," he said.
"Many occupations involve working in hazardous conditions that endanger the child's physical or mental health and moral development."

how can i actively care?

Just got back from the Women/Children's shelter. makes me think. makes me discouraged. makes me tired. makes me grateful. makes me think.

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