Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ugh - woman finds head in blue ikea bag. lovely

She said: "It didn't look like it had been there a long time. Being an inquisitive person I wanted to find out what it was.

"I tried to open out the bag with my gloves on and look inside .

"I opened the bag and I think I saw hair. The hair had a dyed look and an old look about it. The dye was certainly not something that was done recently. It was red.

"I work with wigs a lot and it didn't feel new.

"I felt a bit shaken and had to go back to the house.

"I hadn't noticed the smell at first, but when I got home the smell on my gloves was really overpowering."

Ms Anderson went home and returned to the scene with her partner, civil engineer Jem Kitchen, 47, who contacted the police.

Okay, what the hay.
who the hECK does that? She saw a suspicious blue back and picked it up. (okay, not that bad). She sees hair. (errm). she doesn't notice the smell til later?! SHE TAKES IT HOME WITH HER? her PARTNER CONTACTS THE POLICE only AFTER returning to the scene? What the.. WEIRDO

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