Friday, February 26, 2010


so i took a zen like nap where i was still thinking but when my alarm clock woke me up i forgot what i was thinking about! only that all my 7th graders were in it!!

Then took a motor-taxi to my test taking place.

proceeded to do the writing; (meh first essay; higher hopes for second one)
went to the bathroom and pepped up myself by going pee, doing jumping jacks, and air punches.

then took the rest of my test.

i HATE how the GRE makes you click "see score" TWICE.

and i was HAPPY!

ironically, I got way higher in math than verbal and i added up my score wrong.. and was STILL happy. and then i re-added my score and that was better.

i walked out and then tried to jump and touch the doorpost but my rainbows slid out from under me so i sort of scamper-ran into the next hall where a girl who had just finished a different test was waiting for the elevator.

we congratulated each other; i took the sky train home. bought some gaucho-like weird cloth pants, bought grace and kathy some jewelry (the first purchase was a bargain blah; second purchase was a "i'm satisfied"). then on a whim got a massage (since everyone said you should get massages in thailand). i ended up getting the full body oil shabang by a girl named Janeg (rhymes with shabang) and she taught me how to count to ten. she was 23. it was weird getting a massage from a girl my age.. for some reason.

then i bought indian fooodd.. and that makes me excited because it's been a long while since i've had me some naan.

and now i'm trying to figure out what to do before TOMORROW WHEN I SEE MY DADDY

and a big shout out to the BIG DADDY UP ABOVE. seriously; he's so gracious. He's kept me safe; out of near misses, brought me random camaraderie, and yeah. <3

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