Monday, February 22, 2010

Kathy and I Joined the club today

Last night I went to be around 11pm but was still determined to make it.
had a difficult time falling asleep and THEN a HUGE amount of fireworks right outside our window woke up Kathy and I..
finally i slept.

and at 5am; my trusty cell phone buzzed and vibrated and bleated "5 am club, 5 am club, time to get up! Junia, you can do it!"

and... I felt fine. but groaned a bit.
almost nodded off to sleep
then jerked up

finished my baking
washed dishes
went upstairs and did QT and was surprisingly alert and awake
(nourishing my soul as I nourished my stomach with chocolate oatmeal)

Then prayed.
washed up
got dressed

and guess what ELSE i did?
brought in laundry

rearranged my undie/sock drawer and folded socks

took out clothes that needed to be mended (I think i do everything forcefully and carry stuff that's too heavy... so that even my coat pockets have holes in them)

caught up with some email and various articles

and THEN went to school! Bright and wide eyed.

And school was okay!

day 1 was gOOd!

Planning/Hoping to be tired and hit the hay around 9/9:30pm.

Glad to see students again; I think I was happier than they were to see me. Oh well! (SAY LA VEE) :-)

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