Friday, February 26, 2010

Hooray I gain an hour!

I thought RIGHT NOW.

so let me break it down for you.

arrived in Thailand
took a Taxi to my place.
"soodt soi.. no no, soodt soi.. soodt soi" --> end of the Alley (Thank you Mark!!!)

got settled in (all self-serve; kind of cool; i felt so independent)

woke up twice in the night; once because it was two hot, second because it was 7am.. and MY BODY IS WIRED TO WAKE UP AT 7.. what the FREEZY? IS THIS THE JUNIA I ALL KnOW? I DON't KNOW!

Woke up at 8 (which is 7 Thailand time).. and walked to Family Mart and bought shampoo and toothpaste. Scruuuubbed that nasty not brushed teeth feeling out of my mouth and showered.

came down for breakfast by 8am (9 tw time).. and met some people from China. Actually, as I was leaving, I met another dad and his two cute kids from China.

pancakes and small bananas and.. JACK FRUIT.

okay guys; Jackfruit TASTES like DURIAN but it's not wet; it's more.. like a dry lychee or a plasticky, thick balloon type of texture. Niiice.... (one bite was enough)

Then went upstairs to figure out how to get to the chinese embassy to get my visa.

I went out the back, walked by the Canal and watched the boat taxi thingies go by; and found the MRT station; got off, walked 10 minutes in the beating hot sun and went inside the CROWDED embassy.
waited and waited; was nervous because it was 11:15 and my number was 80 numbers behind... would I ever make it? I have to get to my test by 12:30!

and then, as i waited anxiously while also trying to be "zen" .. i realized, the office closes on Weekends. There's no way i can even pick up my visa.

So, i picked up and walked back. haha. MRT back was fine. on the way i examined some foods and a young girl with wide eyes looked up and i bought some sort of food item from her. I need to learn how to count in Thai and say "how much?"

I then decided to try my hand at the boat thing... and of course, it was super packed; i couldn't get to the side i needed to get off.. the guy hadn't picked up my fare yet. so i got off one stop down.

(the way you get on and off is the boat sort of slooows down and you just get on and off. unless there's a bunch of people, for which it stops).

I then saw a motorcycle taxi and thought "what the heck!" and told him "Sukhumvit soi sip sam".. and we were OFF. me gripping the back of my seat (I don't want to grab his waist).. and somehow i misdirected him; but i knew where i was (just one alley over) so i walked back along the canal, and stood outside the gate and yelled for someone to come unlock it.

the thai lady who works there is very sweet and i showed her something I bought (something wrapped in leaves.. those are always exciting surprises). she said "Oh very very good! coconut, rice, sugar! boil and boil again! steam! how much?" i said "8 baht" and showed her the 3 fingers that Taiwanese people characteristically use to express "8" and she was confused. Ohh 8 baht! good price. cheap!

I then came inside, met another lady and her daughter who's been in the mainland for 14 years. And then I decided to eat quickly and go to take my test.. and THEN REALIZEd... I GAIN AN HOUR!!!


so gonna take a quick nap and then i'm off.

I'm glad today was a sunny, well hydrated, take my mind off things, walk around day.... and now.. for test.

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