Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5am - not so bad

even though i stayed up later than i usually did. (some emergency girl talk. okay maybe not emergency. -_-)
and awoke.
boiled water.
steamed a baozi.
did anki vocab practice.
folded some clothes
hot shower just for fun - and sang Bad Romance.. okay, fine, I don't know ANY of the lyrics except for "Bad romance" .. so I hummed.
bought tangerines
came to school 3 min early!


the point is
i bought dinner and I saw a long black hair in this delicious chinese meatball. I was, of course, repulsed and threw the hair away and proceeded to eat the rest of my food (sans meatball).
Then I began to think; what's so bad about eating food with hair in it? Hasn't the germs been killed from the cooking? Is it more that a hair in meatball is indicative of unsanitary conditions? Not really though, right? Because it just means she didn't tie her hair or was careless.

Anyway, I still didn't eat the meatball but I was just wondering; what's up with the disgust at hair in your food? Is it just american decorum? If I were starving in China, wouldn't I eat it? (meatball not the hair). Is the difference that I'm NOT starving in China, and that I have the option to not eat it the main difference? If so, is it VALID?

Does validity even matter when the question is not sanitation but social mores?

Food for the thought!

Or is it really that dirty? I guess I'm just .. thinking down a path I never thunk down before; usually I'd be very very grossed out and throw the whole thing away. Oh I've become Asianified!

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