Saturday, February 27, 2010

as i was walking home, i saw a DVD stand; it was selling Avatar DVDS. hahahaha. oh pirates.

which reminded me of other failures concerning avatar...

1. i went to see avatar 3D with my glasses.
Remedy: i first stuck the 3d GOGGLES (practically) under my glasses; then reversed it. For the most part it was fine; just had to push it up once in a while.

2. the movie was subtitled in Chinese.
Explanation: It was mainly okay because the movie was in English.... except for when the Na'Vi began to speak in their own language. then the subtitles were ONLY in Chinese. I was thankful that I could read roughly 65% of it and understand the gist of the movie (Avatar's plot isn't really brain surgery). However, it hit me how if this was in Korean or in Spanish, at my current state of mind, I'd have a more difficult time understanding it! aigoo

2.5 i went to see it on Wednesday, Feb 17 (i think the day was).. the movie came out a month ago.. and yet it was STILL sold out and Thursday's showing was almost full too and Alice and I could only buy side seats. oh well, good game avatar.

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