Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 2

Last night i even went jogging for a while!
took a hot shower and then saw the time was 9:39pm; then drifted off QUICKLY into a dreamless sleep.
Woke up and this time bounded out of bed two minutes after the alarm instead of 10-15 minutes.
I think I've figured out TWO things

ONE thing is: to combat trying to get warm in my freezing bed; take a hot shower that gets my blood circulation circulatin' and warm! Then I'm SO warm in bed!

SECOND thing is: I can't directly go do something that requires thinking or is meaningful. So instead, I went downstairs, began boiling water for tea. Did some dishes. Made oatmeal. Began steaming a baozi. Did some refrigerator rearranging (while tea boils).

Then went upstairs; by then I was alert. I still hadn't washed my face and didn't want to touch the cold cold water. So i just dabbed some water on them to clear up the bleariness from my eyes.

QT, Prayer. Then washed up.

Then organized some stuff for class; uploaded documents to box.net. Rescued my almost burnt baozi. :-/ Washed dishes. Started talking to my mom on the phone.

Rode bike one-handed, phone-handed to class. And yeah!

Today was okay too!

I really like falling asleep without struggling. WOOO

I was talking with Kat last night...

"Do you think Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters do this all the time, or just for this month?"
"gigglegiggleKathygiggle... no, I think they do this."
"Whoa, what the."


I wonder if I'd do this for the rest of my life. But Kathy shared how she read some "testimonials" from the girltalk site that encouraged her. And i DO see how this habit would be very useful in the future. I guess, I'll have to bid my night owl activities adieu... I TOTALLY SEE THIS AS A STEP INTO ADULT-HOOD. WOO !!!!!

I'm an Ahh-Dult.

I didn't get any mending done but maybe tomorrow.

I think WEEKENDS will be hard;
you know weekends are strange.

Like in TW everyone works on Saturdays too .. so they have relatively stable schedules.

Where in the world did I come upon the definition as weekends as veg-days? I mean weekends COULD be productive, and when they are, I'm like "huh! productive!" .. but I assume the default of a weekend is a sleeping in, sleepy, chill day.. and I feel cheated when it's not. Why?

IF I change my thinking and see a weekend as just another day, I could feel a lot less icky on Saturday nights.

(Seriously, my default saturday: sleep in til noon, no shower, stay in PJs, see people only if I have to; curl up with a book and munchies.. or a movie.)

my brother and sister never was such a sleeper like me.

In high school/junior high, people used to actually be *afraid* to wake me up.. I was known as "the bear" and at church retreats/lock-ins, people had to be extra gentle with me.. because I'd seriously RAGE at them.

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