Tuesday, February 16, 2010

avatar review

been following the making of this movie for a little bit; I really enjoy the idea of blue screen. (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow anyone?) and for the first time, 3D did not distract me from the actual!

I think though, I still prefer 2D so far.. 3D almost makes me feel set apart from the movie not a part of the movie, because certain camera tricks that go smoothly in 2D (and thus unnoticed) makes itself obvious in 3D. Mainly when they change focus..

You know, I had some issues with the editing; sometimes they cut a little too late.
For example; right after the blue girl and Sully come back together and press their noses together, she opens her mouth and then it's cut to the next scene of the warplanes. SO weird.


Also plot was almost TOO tight and concise. Like each thing you were introduced to in the beginning HAD a reason in the plot. I mean, I appreciate that random deus et machina solutions didn't pop out of the air, but really? EVERY little thing?

I'm a little confused too; plotwise, I thought you choose ONE flying thing.. or is it just that the bond is forever and you choose not to choose another one? I don't get it. and doesn't that one have to choose you? OR I guess since that thing likes to kill everyone it can technically bond with anyone.

ALSO, what is UP with the love scene? It doesn't even make sense.
After he gets initiated into the group she says "now you can marry one of our women."
Uhh okay,

If I just was "initiated" into a group.. (let's say for you Christian folks, became baptized .. or a member of a church) the FIRST thing you say to someone usually isn't "Now you can marry one of our women."

And then honestly, I really, didn't see their chemistry or HOW they came to love each other.

Furthermore when they kiss and stuff; it seems so human... basically, despite James Cameron's imagination, he's still a guy and he can't figure out how to make things romantic without the typical body gyrations that would i guess work with HUMAN bodies. AND did it not occur to her that she was .. with.. like the equivalent of a ROBOT?

Bicentennial Man fell in love with Jenny (was that her name?) but they didnt get MARRIED. weird.

AND Jake Sully's voice was way too low and seemed separate from his body.

Oh and the "I see you" was way overused.

and it was not romantic at the end when his human form stroked her Na'vi face. sort of monstrous actually.

I DID like how the Na'vi spoke their language well and how Jake Sully's version of the language seemed like a foreign language out of his mouth.

I DID like the new world and the glow in the darks.

I DID like facial expressions.

I also wished that the new world wasn't SO like our own world. Like you know, a horse-like thing that acts like a horse but actually had 8 legs.. but then is called a horse. but THEN other things (like that triceratop looking thing) is called some weirdo Na'Vi name. It wasn't consistent.
and the Na'Vi despite being aliens were very human... like they did things characteristic to human beings such as kiss and cry. Tears are very human.

And do Na'Vi hair grow in braids? LOL. and does that little connector thing grow at the end of the hair or in the tuft? No comprendo.

I shouldn't be this critical.

Ultimately, I enjoyed it... but then of course, I get critical.

I think it's okay to be critical since I'm paying for the movie and because it's a movie; they're supposed to astound me. haha.

Same with 2012. (watched that yesterday with the girls). .. it was just.. blah.


  1. Na'Vi hair grow in braids? haha.

    I STILL haven't seen it. Everyone else seems to have, even my parents that never go to the movies. I'm too cheap to see it in IMAX 3D, the format everyone says I should see it in.

    blue screen stuff is fun. Some of Sky Caption was shot in studio in Santa Maria at Cafe FX!

  2. 3D is sort of.. meh for me still.

    but yeah; i think love for blue screen stems from elementary school days of making stop motion films. hehehehe