Thursday, August 4, 2011


after an impromptu shopping trip at stanford (which could be successful or unsuccessful, depending on how you look at it), i treated myself to haagen daaz for dinner.

i tried a few flavors and then settled on cookie dough and belgium chocolate chocolate.  the belgium chocolate chocolate made me audibly say "whoa".  I regret not just getting belgium chocolate chocolate.

anyway, instead of going home, i decided to sit outside.  it was a little past 8 but still bright.  i felt like corporate, material-girl, America.  or at least, very palo alto.  

i went to stanford to buy a pair of oxfords.  i thought urban outfitters was there.... and it will be, but right now they're still mid-construction. :(  i went to macy's, opted not to buy tights but interested in checking out more like these).  then stopped by lucky and ended up buying 2 pairs of jeans.  (might return one pair, probably won't. Hah!)  oh! and i picked up my free birthday cake bubble bath gift from sephora.  that was fun. i waltzed to the front and said, "it's my birthday! can i pick up my gift!"   as i was walking with my bag from sephora to lucky, i passed starbucks and had a passing thought, doesn't starbucks do birthday gifts too?  what's up with this?  where's my birthday present free drink?!!!!!.  I was tempted to walk in an say IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!  but i didn't.

Anyway, i was thinking about my purchases and exceedingly happy and comfortable.  I couldn't find a pair of oxfords at aldo's, macy's, or at bloomingdale's.  but now i have jeans.  and i was eating ice cream.  and THEN, as my tongue curled around the flakes of chocolate, i realized something amazing.

THIS delicious belgium chocolate chocolate flavor was familiar!  It is the CLOSEST i will ever get to swiss chocolate ice cream from Movenpick that I used to eat in Taiwan!  It makes sense!  Belgium and Switzerland are NEIGHBORS.  And.... the flavor was ALMOST identical.  the Movenpick is definitely stronger chocolate and the sheets of chocolate are more delicate (and thus crackly), but this Haagen Daaz Belgium chocolate chocolate DEFINITELY shares a similar quality.

I was very happy.

Also, if anyone knows how to get movenpick in the states.... PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!

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