Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hey Everyone,
I'm here.  It was all in all a nice flight.  My bags ALL fit and Kathy and Grace helped me run a BUNCH of errands before I left!  In the first leg, I got stuck between a 79 y/o man with a French wife of 50 years and a larger white boy.  The man likes bourbon and ferraris and talking about the war.  I tried to sleep most of the trip.

Then I had an hour before the next flight, but pretty much just made it in time as they were boarding and chilled in my seat before take off.
I dozed on and off then too and listened to an old podcast of EBCB's Spotlight.  It was bittersweet (Nate and Frank MCing, Pedro interviewing Frances, Cass's "Realization", and Ebony's announcements).  

When I got off the plane, I got my bright pink bags RIGHT away... but then, I had the wrong phone number for Veronica (my pickup) and just waited at the airport....... and kiinda worried, but kinda didn't. B/c honestly, they speak English here, and that makes a HUGE difference.  And Veronica and PaulJ just came!  and got me!

And I'm in Cronkhite (used to be the all women's dorm for Radcliffe)!  3rd floor. A little closet of a room. Overlooking a sweet corner.  Right next to the Kitchen, across from a bathroom, near the elevator.  Sweet!  It's a little confusing b/c MA law states that you need keys for the stairs.  And certain stairs don't allow the keys, and.. there's swiping.  Oh, Cronkhite is kind of like a low-key version of Dwinelle.  My 3rd floor is only accessible through walking across the 2nd floor first.  Oh well. Adventure.  Basically, the front desk girl (Rebecca) knows me already b/c I kept on getting lost, having to go back down to the first floor, and walk back in through the lobby.

I probably won't be writing lengthy updates, but right now I'm procrastinating looking through courses and such.  Love you all!  Not too homesick... b/c seriously, Boston right now is kind of like Palo Alto.  Pretty, cute, quaint buildings.  People speak English.
I think the people speaking English part helps a lot. hahahahaha

The lights got brighter and brighter!

My door!

My room.

My view!


  1. love the view from your paned-glass window! so excited for your "baston" adventures.

  2. Aw!!! So excited for you!!!! I will have to visit and we can squeeze on your bed together, yeah? :) :)

  3. Yay!!!! The adventures of hoonia :) excited for u!

  4. this is exciting. now i want to go back to school!

  5. AW MAN. i second Alice. it makes me want to move back into a dorm... a leetle. for ze fun times. man, i can't believe i saw you on sunday and now you're halfway across the country on your east coast adventure!! :D you can do eet zoonia!

  6. Have fun Junia! and study hard! =)