Saturday, August 20, 2011

another milestone.

So after lots of stress and craziness, today I moved ALL 26 of my boxes into Christine, Natalie and Junny's attic.  (Thank you so much girls for your hospitality, flexibility, care, and love!!)  You're probably thinking 26? What the.  Let me explain.  Only 7 of them were large boxes.  The rest were small.  some "boxes" were really just a backpack or a sleeping mat, that I still marked with my tag.
Anyway, I chatted with CMyung, and we always have the most eventful conversations.

Since everything was last minute, I managed to stick everything into my little Honda Accord and then proceeded to lug each box up the stairs.  Then, I had to carry it up the ladder into their attic.  The first box I tried to take up (the really heavy one) caused a lot of drama.  I couldn't go up or down and my leg was shaking badly.  It was frightening.  I finally figured out how to get it up there... and then I took a quick breather and went down to get the rest of the boxes.

As I carried them up, I realized, that dude, I never have to get married.  I am bonafide self-sufficient.  I'm carrying 20+lb boxes up the stairs UP A ladder and storing it in an attic!  Like a GI Joe!  Christine (half-heartedly) countered, "It's not about carrying boxes, it's about companionship."  But I feel like I have better companionship elsewhere.  I voiced those thoughts.  Then she responded (a little too enthusiastically), "NO DOn't say that!! But YEah! I feel like that too!  I have a feeling that it's gonna be you, me, and Grace Son living together in the future."   I cracked up at that.  What a life.  I bet Grace would get mad and tell me to take her off the list.

Anyway, afterwards my hands were tingly, I was sweaty, but I was done!  All under an hour!  But I think I broke their ladder (but apparently Junny's strong and can fix it?  I guess if not, John can?).

Then I chatted a bit with le Myung.  I think I thought a lot though, these past few days.  Especially with my mom gone, me moving out, etc etc, and just reflecting and feeling isolated and alone (granted, this was late at night and I wasn't at the best emotional state).... sometimes I wonder if I'm independent because I put myself in this situation or if it's because others leave me alone.  And then I wonder what the purpose of relationships and friendships are, if they continue to pass.  I used to think relationships were like ponds, that simply grow deeper or shallower (depending on the rainfall or sun).  But now, I see it more like a river, where different currents intertwine for a time, but then move on.

Anyway, I'm moved, I'm packed.  They say "it's only ten months" but ten months is still a really long time.  I also am afraid of the reality that I may not come back.  If I'm not coming back, I want to know NOW and not 8 months from now.  I don't want to find out in April that I'm staying in Boston.  I feel like the more I want to return though, the more I'll have to stay.  That's how my life works!  Whatever I want, I don't really get.

Where will I BE?  People tease me about marriage (don't worry, a guy would never be my reason for staying in Boston.. I mean really?  Changing my life plans for a person I've known for like.. a few months?  No thank you.  I'm 24, not 44.  Plus, Janet said she's gonna sabotage any relationship I have there, so I guess that's that.  Lastly, I want to be the one with the advanced, frivolous degree.. a real man wouldn't be wasting his time in academia - he should focus on fixing a toilet (I mean if I'm saving money by cooking, he should save me on car and house upkeep!). HAHA. )... but I'm thinking.. I'm like almost too self-sufficient to need to be married.  In fact, I can fix my own car, carry my own boxes, build my own shelf... I have applecare so I don't have to worry about computers.  And if I can't.. my dad can.

So I guess until my dad dies, I can stay single and be relatively happy.

Unless this guy comes along.
  But otherwise. meh.

Anyway, til next time.

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  1. count me in on the club. u, me, cmyung and gson? PARRTAYYY