Friday, August 26, 2011

random memory i'd like to keep

Bohyun and I got out of the car.
IT was dark.
I looked at the driveway and there was a black cat.  Uh oh. I think.  Bad luck!
It was heaving.  Hairball. I think. Gross.
It kept heaving. Poor cat. I think.
It threw up finally, not a hairball but a big glob of orangey brown gook. AHHH. I scream.
The cat runs away.  AHH! I scream.  This is probably REALLY bad luck. a black cat crosses my path and throws up in front of me!
Sarah screamed too. REally loud.
Then as we walk, the cat follows.  Then it leaves.  Whew. I think.
THEN suddenly it appears and follows as I turn into the Emeryville house.  I pick up the pace.
Sarah and I run into the house.  We ran in our heels.  We ran.  Away from the throwup black cat.

(The throw up black cat earlier went back to sniff its vomit. Gross.  You know what they say about a dog that returns to its vomit... I thought a cat would be smarter...)

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