Sunday, August 28, 2011

My First Week

Got into my dorms at 1am on Tuesday.
Tuesday was a blur (woke up around 10ish and walked around outside in PJs.....NEWSFLASH: in BOSTON, NO ONE WALKS AROUND IN SWEATS!)

Wednesday: Full day

Thursday: Full day (went to bed around 3)
Friday: Full day (went to bed around 3)
Saturday: full day.  (useless writing workshop, then cohort happy hour, then passed out in a huddle on my bed, then went to the hurricane irene party)

So, let's see.
My 2 boxes still haven't arrived.

I don't have certain essentials.

I love it here.

Kinda stressed about classes/internships, but making some *good* friends.

I forgot what I wanted to write on my list..........

OH i love my cohort and my program director is pretty amazing.

I'm happy.

I love private school.  I'm gonna make sure my kids go to a public school and learn to earn their education.  hah.

Getting excited about projects/research .... gonna try to test the waters for The Mind Garden.

I feel *very* California.  Too relaxed.  I say "like" and "dude".  Good thing I don't say hella.  I said "noob" and they didn't know what i meant.  But i DID feel like a noob.  I didn't bring an umbrella (still in my bag) b/c.. come on, it's SUmmer!  I don't have rainboots yet.. and yeah.

but yeah. :)


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  1. lol have your kids earn their education. true that. hope they care about education in the first place, though