Saturday, June 4, 2011

miss my class

had the weirdest dream last night
that we were doing senior banquet, and my class boys did a weird asian-inspired kungfu, choreo'd dance that they attributed to Ben Saetang..  it was my class boys plus two random asian girls that i didn't know dancing...
then some sort of funky skit that someone else did..
and we mobbed the 2011ers.. and i cried when i held sarah and sofie's.. NECKS IN MY HANDS!?

and then i was wearing a huge diamond ring on the wrong finger and it had a pearl on the other end and i was engaged.

and... hmm other stuff happened in my dream, but now i'm forgetting.

this most likely has a DIRECT correlation with my conversation with hannahw last night.. about church, our class, the split, people leaving, and engagements.


I decided this morning I need to be careful of what I input into my brain before I sleep.  otherwise, it's CRAZY AND WEIRD!
I mean Sam Kim and DLee were doing pirhouettes and John Lee was doing something kungfu-ey.  so was caleb.  So. Weird.

in other news:
family is such a strange idea....... SO STRANGE SO STRANGE .. and i think when all is said and done, I can't help but be grateful, and thankful..... but.. yeah, it's so interesting.

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