Wednesday, August 10, 2011

smile smile smile

yesterday i went to SJC and went to the parking lot.
it's $2 for 30 minutes. SO cheap. RIGHT next to baggage claims

when i ran in, there was no line. just a pleasant woman.
i got my backpack. everything was in it.
she was shocked when i said my laptop was in it.
i guess you're never supposed to check in a laptop b/c there's no reimbursement. eeps!

smile smile smile

this morning, i couldn't open the backpack zipper very well.  realized nailpolish leaked on it.
opened my smaller pocket, saw that nailpolish had broken in a very bizarre way but the bottle didn't cut me b/c the nailpolish had leaked over it!

I had put it into the smaller pocket so it only got on the bottom of my sandals but not on my clothes!

my eyeshadow had also exploded.. but b/c i had kept it in a small makeup bag, only that stuff was covered in the dark fine powder.

I really have no idea how this happened.. but I do realize, NEVER check in a backpack, and ALWAYS compartmentalize!

I was so happy at the small blessings in my life.

I mean, yes, stinky stuff happened, but they pale in comparison to what COULD have happened!

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