Monday, August 8, 2011

a wonderful weekend (final Socal trip of 2011)

Well, let me qualify my title: it was a wonderful weekend but ended up incredibly sucky, (no) thanks to Southwest.

I'll finish this later.


- picked up belated bday present to myself from UPS
- drove down.
* i LOVE the 5 drive.
the masses of sunflowers on the side of the I-5
the lack of traffic in the afternoon when the lanes are condensed to one
spanish music
cheesy christian c(h)ontemporary
the radio stations along the I-5 are BOMB di-juh-tee!
- went to Forage with John Chizz and caught up
- went to some hookah bar/cafe with fcs Joy and caught up (with bad coffee, an okay crepe, and suffocatingly sweet hookah smoke that drifted in from other tables.)

- drove to the wedding with no issues with Abe (who never goes over 65!  we were still super on time!)
- lovely lovely lovely wedding. (i was genuinely very very happy for charles and christine.)
- fun, engaging, lively reception
good catching up with my class at my table
great MCs
everybody were great sports.
- OC Fair with people
i realized i'm still scarred from last year's OC fair, where i made quite the first impression on Jen ex-Han.
urghle. so, i shied away from fried food
made Grace Dwej and Beekerz walk with me as i looked for Jumz
- Jumz&My Disney Date
Jenny is qualiTee.
"do you like caramel apples?" - yes
"do you like apple pie?" - yes
"do you like apple pie caramel apples?" - no ... how would I know?! -_- :)
we saw edward cullen twins
we watched / listened to various live musics
we tried out every freaking sample at sephora -_-
we consumed apples, kettle corn, and mojitos at various joints
we looked at disney princess propaganda and PERUSED THE LEGO STORE I LOVE LEGOS
we saw fireworks!
my blase attitude towards disneyland and fireworks was semiii converted.  not entirely though.
i found a girl after my own trashy-music-heart.  (she can bust out to country, nicki minaj, rihanna, and bruno mars with the best of them. HAH!)
by the time we got home, i was assaulted by her crazy dogs.
and my voice was gone and i was tired, but being the good host she is, she insisted i stay up and engage in "girl talk" and not fall asleep on her, like i did last time.... but seriously, i always fall asleep on her b/c .. well, we girl talk all the time.  (when girls talk, is that not girl talk?)

- waking up surrounded by dogs snuggled against you is surprisingly heartmelting
- found jenny and crawled into her bed and Bubba got mad but calmed down and then the dogs snuggled around us again and we slept some more.
- drove to starbucks
- john picked me up and he explained such SWEET things about why he was attracted to his special lady friend.  i think john's the only person who could sincerely say these things, and i have no urge to tease or barf, but i'm just.. encouraged and happified.
- ate brunch with some ebcoc munchkins and listened to reallllly bad jokes that are only funny b/c they laugh so hard.
- caught up with china esther lee..... and it was good. encouraged by how good it was / how good it is now as she's phasing back in... (for me, in retrospect, easing back into ebcb after TW was really hard.  especially since it felt like people were really busy with their lives and my close friends had left... i love you alicklee; God sovereignly didn't let you find a job until I was all nice and adjusted.  i also love you 201 girls of americana.  you are the most selflessly serving girls i have ever met.. in my...  LIFE!)
- EBCOC - so sweet.  loved seeing pastor dennis, dawn, and joy again.  and then of course the other members.  PD started on a series on the Attributes of God - of God's holiness.  It was good, but i was getting realllllly sleepy. so i pinched myself.  now my arm is covered with tiny welts.  but, it was a good sermon - and i think i remember everything.  so i feel pretty accomplished.  i'd rather pinch myself than drink coffee.
- dinner with joy at Hilton Checkers restaurant

i was running tight at LAX
but THEN
there was
(out of all the people with various issues in front of me)
- 2 european girls who had to pay extra b/c their luggage was too heavy
- a central/south american couple who had to rearrange the stuff in their luggage
- a mexican couple who.. i think had passport/ID issues (from what my eavesdropping ears could gather as they quietly stood while 2 men were speaking with them. yikes)
- an obese couple who didn't realize that they could move forward and not hold up the lines since there was an extra kiosk

in addition to a lot of other people.
also there were 4 ppl working.
one lady was old and definitely having difficulty with checking people and luggage in
another lady, after helping the european girls, left.
TWO men were working with the mexican couple
leaving.. only..... ONE (old) lady to help the rest of the people milling about.
It didn't help that the lady who left would occasionally walk by and joke around with the old lady.
please, i know, if you have other things to do, at least... don't rub it into our faces that you're not helping us by distracting the old lady and joking around with her!  you may be able to multi-task, that old lady could not!

in the end.
my bag was marked late.

this was a backpack
it held (among other things).
a macbook
hair curling iron
contact solution (large bottle)
facewash (12 oz)
face lotion (7 oz)

i think i wouldn't've been able to carry it on.... (and when i was reasoning, i thought, it's such a hassle to carry-on a laptop, i'll just check it in.. plus i can't carry it on.  i have liquids and gels and a potentially dangerous curling iron!)
but.. could i have?
or should I just have chucked the $25 worth of toiletries....

This question is niggling the back of my mind.

would that have been worth not having to....

meekly/prettily ask if i can cut twice in the TSA line
grabbing my bags and shoes and sprinting through LAX barefoot (while 2 people cheered)
making it on time since the flight was delayed (and running into Tony - a humorous twist of fate since i had just bade him farewell yesterday and told him matter-of-factly that i would most likely never see him again)
having to scan the check in luggage pick up area
wait in the southwest line
be told that since it was a late check in, it's my fault and they can't do anything about it.. and even though i half-heartedly brought up the fact that it's not my fault that their lines are slow at LAX AND that their workers are incompetent.. but yeah, no, this is SJC.  if i have issues with LAX, have to bring it up with them.

I get to call back in about my bag and figure out when i can come back to pick it up (probably will have to take some time off work and park the car and walk in and wait in the office = more time and money and lost income).

i REALLY hope they don't lose the backpack... because i'd be very sad.
it has a dress, a new mbpro, my glasses, and a favorite pair of jeans.

i'm kind of sad.

I wonder.  if i had just gone directly to carry-on, even though it would've been a hassle to unload the laptop, ... it wouldn't be worth all this extra driving hassle.
i'm sad.
i want to call southwest and complain
i could've complained at LAX.
i was too tired.

next time, i should video camera the ridiculous line waiting.... then they'd understand it wasn't my fault.
and yes, i'd like some cheese with this whine.

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