Wednesday, October 6, 2010


so last Friday i rejoined 5am club... (i guess that 10am oversleep really was a wake up call...!!)

and Saturday was also a success.. not too painful either.

you know, even as i type right now i feel okay.

sunday is a rest day.
monday was a failure (abjectly so)
tuesday was an accidental failure... i woke up at 7:30 congratulating myself for waking before the alarm clock only to realize i mis-set it.

and today i'm back,.
except i'm going to take a nap now......
i went to bed waaaayy too late last night, it'll be insane to not take a nap.

which brings me to another pt:  perhaps i should also join the 10pm sleep club...  b/c yeah... otherwise it's a set up for failure.

5am club isn't that bad though. honestly.  and it's cool when you wake up late but it's still early.

one new way of helping me get up is i set my alarm to NPR, so i wake up to interesting conversation, so my mind starts thinking and.. i think THINKING helps me wake up!

sometimes when i sleep in, i wake up b/c i'm thinking about my toes.. b/c I think i start wiggling them before I wake up. hehehehe.

anyway, NAPTIME!


  1. waking up at 5am isn't all that bad. been doing it for over a year now (6am-7am in college for the most part). but yes, sleeping at 10pm can be a drag sometimes..

  2. ditto to 10pm club! abject failure myself for 6am club after sleeping late -_____-

  3. ooo npr...maybe i should start doing that!! =D thanks for the idea. and good luck with keeping up with the 5am club..haha =P