Saturday, October 30, 2010


Deb (princess?), Jeremy (Leopard w/ a lipstick nose and eyeliner 
whiskers), Mom (cat), Joy (Korean Princess? Bride?), and yours 
truly (I had the brilliant idea to get my mom to paste  aluminum 
stars on me.. so that i could be... "The Queen of the Night.")
So, there used to be a time when i loved halloween.  namely when i was a child and could go trick-or-treating and go to an AWESOME fair at the nearby church (once i won the HUGE kite at the carnival raffle).

I was always pretty creative...
I was a clown once.  i dragged my mom all over town to find the elements for my costume.  she was a good sport.  no, she was awesome.

i think i just hated that pumpkin costume.. the one that I wore in kindergarten and first grade.  in both pictures, i have a finger shoved up my nose.
What a lovely Beatnik!
But I'd probably look like
a lumpy piece of coal...
"You've been naughty!" 

i also didn't want to wear a hanbok and call myself a "korean princess."

Anyway, i have to find a costume for work... and i thought I could just pull something off.. but I put it off, and now I'm figuring things out.  I tried to be Edna Mode, but no one could tell that I was trying to be Edna.. no one even remembered her name!  Becca suggested I wear a black turtleneck with my black jeggings and be like Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face.  I don't know about you, but I *could* wear that.. but I'd definitely NOT look like Audrey Hepburn..

my graduation pumps!
So i found a cutout of sarah palin's face, and decided to wear my edna costume minus the black leggings, plus my red graduation pumps...  and voila, i'm going to be Sarah Palin!

I KNEW my pumps would come in handy one day..

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