Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*grumble grumble*

i'm an idiot.
because of that i'm stuck driving around an hour round trip for dumb 2 hour stints for not a lot of money an hour.

today i saw him again (he was training me for another class -unpaid might i add) and... he wasn't wearing a blue shirt, i noticed he had a weird little goatpatchy thing going on with his little  blonde beard.. and... HIS EYES WERE NOT THAT DEEP DEEP SHADE OF BOTTOMLESS BLUE!

during the interview i remember being plagued with these questions: how could his eyes be so blue?  why are they so blue?  WHERE DO I LOOK - I don't want to stare at his eyes.

and today, they were like a gray.. not.. very blue.  he didn't look aryan.
and i regret (enamoredly) deciding to work there.

that's all.

freaking blue eyes that were only blue because of that brilliant blue shirt.


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