Thursday, October 7, 2010

psalm 139

you search me you know me
you see my every move
there's nothing i could ever do
to hide myself from you
and even though you know
you will always love me
and even though you know
you'll never let me go
i don't deserve your love
but you give it freely
you will always love me
even though you know.
-rebecca st. james

i like when artists can take an old testament passage and re-write it with you know, new testament knowledge in mind.

this year, been dwelling more on the facts and truths behind my salvation.

spent a few weeks irked about the fact that for some reason, if i didn't talk about Christ explicitly, people seemed to assume that I'm works-based or something.  then as i was verbalizing my frustrations, it dawned on me that hello, out of the heart, the mouth speaks.
so then i began to consciously focus on ways to talk about my salvation.. even during prayers (which I used to think was so hokey and contrived by the way).. and realized how AWKWARD it was for me to verbalize thanksgiving over my salvation, or even verbalize how it came to be... so that was a wake-up call.

Ultimately thankful.  Ultimately filled with questions.

Ultimately comforted.
As He teaches me how to sing His love song.

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