Saturday, October 9, 2010

random snippets of ... conversation

i was going to say "wisdom" but it's definitely not that

"Always choose the better apple, that way every day is the best apple" - dad's profundity in picking an apple out of the crisper

"Honey, did I fill your daily love quotient?" - i overheard this as oma 'hugged' abba goodbye... SHUDDER SHUDDER SHUDDER.  i think sharing this with you, dear reader, helps ease my pain.

"you should work out now! when your butt's sore it's getting better - that's how i have this cute butt-" - mom yelling this to me outside in front of the neighbors as i protested having to work out....

"I'm glad you're not married and we get to live together longer" - mom
"Oh don't worry, when I get married, we'll live here." - me
"No - you have to be biblical - leave and .." - mom
"No no no, it's being frugal!  we'll stay here, it'll be great" - me
"No, you can marry a rich husband with a house and a car and you can spend his money! ... that's what God wants for you" - mom
"okay!" - me

Next Monday outing; redwoods.  I guess I'm now an official member of their Monday date days...

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  1. junia, your parents never cease to amaze/entertain/makemesmile