Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am going to apply for the UCI terminal Master’s in English program for Summer 2010.
Perhaps maybe even to Stanford’s STEP program.
Maybe even a longshot and apply for Berkeley English PhD. (ha. yah right)
Examine my heart and maaayyyyybe oxford/cambridge English masters. (but that’s a secret / don’t tell my parents b/c they’ll be way too excited and I am not sure if I would apply).
Taiwanese GRE red tape: It’s a split-test process and they offer the computer part many times a year, but the written part is only offered 2x a year - October and June.
Plus the subject exam is only offered 2x more this year.  I missed the November registration deadline, but the admissions contact told me I could take the April one.  April 12th.  I don’t know if I’ll be in the USA or.. in Asia then. …
I e-mailed the admissions btw.  it was a ridiculous email.. basically “can i not take the GRE?”  he was like “uh GRE is the basic standard for your application”  i kind of knew that was coming. especially when Selina was all “Uh it’s like the SATs.. you can’t apply to college without the SATs!”
Oh shoot.
So what I’m planning right now is either to take the split test Taiwan GRE and turn in the second part super late (I *may* be admitted on a provisional basis) but right now I’m looking at Japan and Thailand …  … yeah, I’m going to one of those countries for ONE weekend to take a test and then come home .. woo.  …  .. -_-

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