Thursday, October 14, 2010

"but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion..." Luke 10:42

This week was a hectic week.
This week was full of down time.
Are these two statements contradictory? (perhaps a socratic paradox?)

I can explain.
I lost my planner.
As a result I triple-booked myself, forgot appointments, tried to juggle appointments I had forgotten last week and tried to make plans for next week.
Also, my car began to have engine issues.
Also, it had a flat tire. (I'm hoping the funky engine sounds are related to the flat tire...)
Also, my bike has 2 flat tires.
As a result I ended up missing/cancelling/missing many appointments.
As a result I ended up having a lot of down time.
But it was still hectic.

Honestly, it's been quiet in general.  And I think about Martha and Mary.  I like the buzz. I like the busyness.  I'm trying to get back into having a fuller schedule..  but it usually pushes me into a Martha-complex.
I wonder how Martha would've responded if, as she was prepping in the kitchen, she slipped and broke her leg.  Would she make the best of that situation and sit at Jesus' feet or would she be super PO'd.

I bet she'd sit at Jesus' feet just because I think we sometimes give her an overly-hard time, and Mary was kind of spacey (haha - i'm SO eisegeting here it's not even funny.. maybe I just favor one over the other).

But I wonder if I would.  In effect, I am sort of like Martha with a broken leg.  But instead of sitting and being still in Christ's presence (a luxury that I know in my head I won't have for long), my mind continues to whirr at a mile a minute, trying to figure out stuff for the future when I *will* be busy.

With that said.

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