Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, Spiritual Emphasis Week at GCA was an interesting experience.  At first I was wary but excited.  In the end, however, I was thankful for the opportunities given to talk more closely with the students and to provide an open environment for questions.  I was blessed to be a witness of open hearts and we had quite a few verbal confessions of faith!  Now I'm just praying for these seeds of the Gospel to be planted into hearts of good soil.  This makes me worried!
WHY should I be worried?  Is it not HE who saves?  Does HE not know His children?  He does, He does!

To try to continue this open atmosphere, I asked my students to write down 3 things on a piece of paper and hand it in.
1) Spring Break plans
2) Any question they can ask me (I stressed that this was a valuable opportunity since I don't always answer their questions)
3) Prayer requests (optional)

I got a wide range of answers going from the banal to the extreme.

I was encouraged by questions from students I didn't expect questions from, such as "How/why did you become a Christian?"  I was humored and intrigued by prayer requests ranging from "Pray for my grandmother" to "Pray that I don't die" (this person's Spring Break plans was "breathing (important)")

Then of course, I got the inevitable questions, "Do you have a boyfriend?" (twice) and then from the more academically inclined, "Do you have a boyfriend, if not, why?" and "How old are you?"  The question that I got that I didn't expect was from a random student, "How heavy are you?"  



Other random/interesting questions:
Would you lick Nick Jonas's foot?
Are you ginius?

I'll add more as I begin replying.
Sort of regret this.  I thought it was so clever too -_-

(Of course, I envisioned 7th and 8th graders penning me grave, thought-provoking questions about life and faith.  What was I thinking?  This ain't the 1800s!)

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  1. of course not-- they would be working 20-hour days in cotton mills.