Friday, April 30, 2010


3 minutes ago.. i began screaming like a hot teapot... because.. i can't believe i'm actually going to grad school to study English literature.
You know how excited I got?

I seriously screamed for a minute straight.

And I'm looking through professors, slowly at first and then wore the rust off of and reading up on professors, what their interests are, perking up at names that sound familiar, feeling sad that i don't remember WHY i enjoyed Ruskin or W. Benjamin (ma man!)  ... and then now and then recoiling because none of them are good looking. hahahahahahahaha..

(i was like ooo italian professor, *click* and then.. whoa. not.. ..a.. hottie.. haha. at all.)

Kathy was here sharing in my giddiness.

nervous though.. like can i do it?  i feel too dumb. you know?
but then.... i mean, i'm qualified, right? they accepted me.

but i really don't know what the rate is. for all i know, only 20 ppl applied. -.-

anywhOOz no matter.   I'm excited to put on my thinking cap.

school starts June 15.  o_O

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  1. congratssss =DD

    and zot? as in...uci? =D