Tuesday, April 20, 2010

girltalk - also, 5AM club has been bad for a while; but today 6:30am.

Last night KG&I went to Saveur's with Mark and Fran.  Our last meal with them I guess.  Sort of hard to believe, but people fly in and fly out of my life... and I'm so grateful for that.

They have loved, encouraged, and fed me SO MUCH!  In the short span, I have so many stories.. and am inspired.  ... ANYWAY, afterwards, Kathy, Grace and I lounged on Grace's bed and talked and laughed.. and spent like 20 minutes arguing about the largest continent.  Grace insisted it was Asia, "I just taught on it!"  but Kathy and I couldn't believe Russia was part of Asia.. i mean Russians "are germanic" (according to Kathy)  "anglo" (according to me).  Well, according to about.com and wikipedia, Russia is 40% in Europe and uh.. 80% in Asia?  and counted as part of Asia.. so Asia is the largest continent.  BOOOOO  Russians are blonde!  What ASIAN is BLONDE.  That doesn't make sense!!!

Anyway, afterwards we talked, sort of falling asleep and stuff.  we tried to predict future couples (had to fix predictions since the past series of events have turned our predictions topsy turvy!) then decided that we're bad at it, and it doesn't matter.. whatever happens happens. 

Then we talked about stuff that smells bad and apparently, one of Grace's students (she's so sweet to her kids; she won't tell us WHO) stuck his/her finger down his/her butt, rubbed, then said to Grace, "Miss Kim, smell my finger!"  AND SHE DID.  AND SHE SAID that IT WAS AWFUL and that SHE FELT LIKE THROWING UP.  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  ahaha and I'm laughing as I type this, because I was LAUGHING UP A STORM. it was STINKING (badumchaa) HILARIOUS!!!!   seriously though, why would you smell a kid's finger?  AHHHH ..  so now Grace won't.

I think we began talking about that because we were talking about Lena and how if I did this one thing to her, it would break her.. I mean I've done a considerable amount of things (we listed... cutting her hair, shooting delicates at her, taking funny pictures, making her uncomfortable, pushing her into a closet, taking mean videos... hmm hmm hmm)  to Lena.. but the LAST one would be bad.  What was I sooort of thinking of doing?

Well, after I... .. well, I don't know.  Maybe I'll tell you in the states.
Talking about the states, TOMORROW I LEAVE ON A JET PLANE.

And to give you a taste of my school, I have other teachers asking me "You're coming back right?  Don't make me take over your class!"

Of COURSE I'm coming back.  I LOVE it.  I DO! 

(ps: 3 days ago i ran 7k!)

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