Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Happens in MN Stays in MN.

Yeah right.

Day 1:
Mom drove me to SF airport for 7:25am take off.
Stopped by So Cal to pick up more passengers (wtheck, airplanes are like busses now?)... and a BUNCH of USC people got on.  a lot of OLD people wearing USC gear saying "Fight on" to random other USC people they saw... they were like all old.  I was wondering if there was some.. USC reunion for Minnesotans..
Transferred in Denver, Colorado
Finally landed in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Early bc no checked bags!
Called Go Direct  and I got to leave on an earlier shuttle.  Hooray!
Leona found me at St. Mary's Mayo Clinic.
We went home and snacked on veggie chips and made a quick dinner and waited for Dr. Han.
Who came home oh so late :( :(
It's okay!  We went for walks and talked and such!  She showed me around.. and I got to take the Junia Suite in Chez Han. :)
we also soaked oxtails..

Day 2:
Woke up bright and semi-early (okay not really), and after starting up the oxtail soup,
hit up Daube's bakery
then onto Harmony, MN for a tour  of Amish town!  Which turned out not to be a town really, but more of scattered settlements...  Leona aptly said it reminded her of her China tours where they basically take you from store to store in hopes that you'll buy from them.  hehe.
then.. an impromptu trip to IOWA!  (the border was only 3 miles away. how could I resist?)
Now if people ask me if I've been to Iowa, i can say .... YES!
stopped by at home to check on the oxtail soup (and to bathroom)
Went to downtown Rochester and waited for James! Who gave us a quick tour of the Mayo clinic.
We went to Chester's  for my birthday dinner (aww shucks guys!)
Then came home and checked on the oxtail soup.
Maybe went on a walk?
Leo and I ended up watching Bright Star,  which I wouldn't recommend for the casual moviegoer.    (before we watched, I made her read "Bright Star" and we did a quick analysis. HAHAHHA)
well, james was with us, but 5 minutes into the movie, he conked out. and randomly twitched. hehehe.

Day 3
Woke up late and mosied on over back up to Saskeetow?  Or some random named town near the Twin Cities... to hit up
Afterwards we went to Mall of America (biggest mall in the world) and hit up TWO rides at Nickelodian (sp?) Universe.  They were FUN.  especially the second ride.. i almost peed my pants it was so good!
James treated us to starbucks and unfortunately, my first pumpkin latte of the season was not that great.
Then came home and cut up watermelon...

Day 4
Church !  at Calvary Evangelical Free Church.  
Okay, I really loved it here.  I really really did.  And afterwards we went to a welcome/history of church/what we believe session (which is sort of like a pre-lim to membership) ..
  I was glad that I got to learn more about the Evangelical Free Churches and also about this church, and I was yeah, .. seriously, it's awesome to connect with believers anywhere you go.  They have a LOT of cool community outreaches here.  The pastor who was leading this was really careful in explaining things and just so nice and gracious and his wife (second wife: both of their spouses passed away) was really outgoing and friendly and a go-getter.  Anyway, I can't wait til my church gets bigger and has a varied age group etc etc.   EXCITING/excited for Leo/James.
then cheeeled .. read books, researched/began school apps...  James came in and out and procrastinated his essay by complaining that he was hungry.
then we went to Newt's where we et some fATTY burgers.
then James gave me a tour of the richer/older neighborhood and we played in a park.  (and even in Rochester, kids go to parks to smoke le veed!)
then came home, cheeled some more, and then Leo and I watched Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.   then looked up more awkward dance clips (where we ended up watching the ending of Never Been Kissed. GAh they just don't make chick flicks like that nowadays, and the A-Ha's music video , and the BeeGees' music vids )
then ... ahem, we tried to learn the staying alive dance. .. then James came out and we tried to get him to do the final dance with us.  Hahahhahaha.  I can't divulge any more information but all I can say is Leona has an awesome husband.    (we should've done THAt dance at the wedding)
then we all three went on a walk with a frisbee.  .. and came home.
Then Leo and i took random pictures... and. .. went to bed. :(

Day 5:
woke up super early.
Leo drove me to the airport
I slept and slept until Phoenix, Arizona
Then waited there for 2 hours until i landed in SJ, CA.
where parents+joy and I went to get jjajjangmyung, jjambbong, and tangsuyook.

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  1. i mees yew. and yes, mi esposo is pretty dang awesome.