Monday, September 20, 2010

my ideas

once in 8th grade i read a boy's extensive '' post on his "great" business proposal.. called like one-bite pizza, where basically the premise is they'd sell a pizza with the first bite gone.. and things would go like "uh oh, (if they got a whole one), here ya go!" and then take a bite.  something like that. and when it got big they'd have like pizza-cutters shaped with a bite so that they could just take out bites mass-styles.
I forget why he thought it'd be a good idea.
Honestly, well, obviously, I'm kinda sold on that idea since I still remember it (and remember who said it) a decade later.

I have some cool ideas.

Like my Nakery.  Where the little catch phrase would be "Naked and Unashamed" and where people would say things like "that's SO nake!"  and my cookies and muffins and breads would be bare and stripped and NOT full of preservatives/frosting.

Leona thought of titling an Asian-fusion restaurant "Disoriented."  I think that would be cuuuute.  I think the name would work for like a small cart, or something like that. It would be fun to run.

Another idea I had was changing my phone ring tone to the song from Inception that warns you of an impending kick. You could have it as your alarm, and it would be a trippy way to wake up.  THEN also, you know how when a sound like your alarm goes off during the day, you - for a split second - think that it's time to wake up?  Well, you'd have that effect DOUBLED since it would also be the sign that your dream is up.

Talking of Inception, my friend Sarah had a really smart idea.. (a while ago - but one that I remember now) .. perhaps the Inception was actually run by that girl on Leo Dicap's character..  it makes more sense.  there's MORE of a purpose with that.. because the whole inception for a business thing was kinda.. half-baked/not fully fleshed out.. and random.. and way too well done.  Anyway, one thing that bugs me about the ENDING is that either it's his dream OR it's the director's continuity error.  that bugs me.  it's REALLY not ambiguous .. it's one or the other.  and that bugs me. haha.  (let's talk if you have enlightened ideas).   Otherwise, I thought Inception was fun and riveting.  reminds me a LOT of Spanish philosophy/literature (they realllly love the whole zhuangzi's butterfly/dream theory)  ..  especially of Borges.

Inception's cool because there was a wide positive reception, it was trippy enough to get people thinking about it, but not enough to lose people. hehehe.

THE END!!!!!

i went with the Hans to their church.  Reallllllly excited about it. hehehe.  I can't wait for our church to be bigger/older/wider.  I don't know.  got excited about the future, and got excited about going home too.

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