Saturday, September 25, 2010

So i'm going to do it.

Right now I can't figure out a blog name for the blog that I'm going to use to....
* summarize/discuss articles/movies/other media that discuss education issues
* write individual posts of "brilliant ideas"
* document my own process of applying/volunteering
* write my own reasons/thoughts/anecdotes/background information about me + figures of education
* be as idealistic as i want!

The purpose of this blog would be to
* help me keep an organized track of everything going on in my head  (blog tags FTW  <-- ooh did i use that right?)
* inspire people (i think my over the top ideas help catalyze more moderate, doable ideas)
* hopefully garner positive publicity for a future school?

Future difficulties
* I don't like blogging in a structured manner.

Idears I had:
The Mind Garden  (b/c it was a suggestion for JChun's tutoring center; b/c I feel like a name should also be thematic to the focus / feel of the whole place.  Like is it a place to CULTIVATE minds?  PRUNE them?  PLANT SEEDS?  ... JChun said it sounded like a hippie psycho shymcho)

Mees Keem (to point to my past/first experience as a teacher)

Teaching Fishing  (you know the whole "if you teach a man to fish. blah blah blah")

Lofty Aspirations; Modest Goals  (boring!)

Shoot for the stars (trite)

The Snark?  (like my writing style.. if i decide to be snarky, AND point to LC's elusive Snark as a metaphor pointing to the elusive grasp for the right education?)

For now, i'll just write my posts here, and later copy it over to the other one.. once it's made.

I'm thinking of using WordPress instead of Blogspot.

I know most of you guys are silent stalkers, but... PLEASE COMMENT.  (and in the future; in the new blog, I WILL NEED COMMENTS HAHAHAHHAHAHA)

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  1. i agree with jchun. mind garden sounds super hippy. or asian mystification-y.

    can't think of anything good at the moment... but i'll let you know when i get a lightbulb!