Monday, September 6, 2010

Note: Concrete Times Are Probably Not Accurate

On Saturday after work, I boarded the Amtrak at 2:56pm and went to SLO (arrived at 7:15pm - transfer to a bus in San Jose)... where Sherie gave me her 1990 Honda Accord!  My first car that I actually own!  woo hoo.  The car has a lot of problems.  endearing.  (or frustrating).  for example.. the speedometer goes crazy, the "sports" sign flashes randomly, the radio sometimes works and doesn't work, and i should never roll down the back windows b/c they're on their last legs. Woo Hoo.  MY CAR IS OLDER THAN MY BROTHER! HaHAHAHA

Sunday: 9:45am: Left for the OC (for church and to pick up the rest of my stuff from Joy's).
- at one time we were climbing a hill and my car couldn't go past 50... i had to move waayyy over to the right lane pronto. haha. all the while pumping the gas pedal.
- got to church by 1:30pm.


8:45pm - finished loading most of my stuff and took a nap
10:15pm - woke up and loaded up surfboard.
realized that i had the stupid seatbelt that automatically slides up and down the side of the door so that it interfered with the belt thingie i had to hold my longboard in place on the roof of my car.
did the best i could, and left... with the seatbelt sound "ding"-ing persistently
i hoped that the beeping would stop
10:45pm - stopped by Peet's and bought a medium-sized coffee. the guy wished me a good night.  i did the same.
11:30ish pm - pulled over in LA because i could NOT STAND the constant alarm-like beeping of the seatbelt signal.  First filled up the gas tank (2.95/gal yo!) then time to tackle my longboard problem: I had already figured out what I was going to do... I closed the front doors, left the engine running (otherwise seatbelt thingie would move down and.. long story. basically, trust me, had to keep the engine running), rolled down the windows.. and attached the belt thingy through the windows... jumped back into my car through the driver side window... rolled up the windows and off we go!

Had a bad radio.. so constantly looked for songs to listen to
what the HECK is that song .. that tries to rhyme "blizzard" with.. "slizzard?"
played a game with myself of when i switch lanes, try to switch smoothly and avoid the little reflector bumps.  (if i bumped, i lost)
slowly went through all the books of the Bible and tried to find as many "parts" of it i knew chronologically (during the time my radio was searching for signals... turns out the antennae of my car is gone)

2:05am - noticed that the leash of my surfboard had come undone, so i looked for a place to pull over.
pulled over in this really scary deserted area with a box of empty beer bottles.
jumped out the window (had to leave engine running)
attached the leash to the actual surfboard rack.
then..... .... i had to pee..  and i couldn't go to a gas station (since i don't want to leave the car running while i'm getting gas... yes, moving the surfboard took a lot of pains). ... so... i just .. peed.  (thank you camping and Asia for teaching me how to squat pee.  no thank you stupid brain for peeing sideways on a slant, so that my right foot ended up being in a puddle.. of my pee.  no thank you coffee for making me need to pee.  thank you delirious brain for not caring that a bit of the cuff of my right pant leg was damp.. and thank you to my resourceful brain for quickly scuffling my feet around the dirt and then jumping back into the car.. this time with more finesse to avoid stepping on my seat)

sang along with songs.
made up my own songs.
sang American patriotic songs. (derno)
constantly fiddled with the radio.

3:50 pm:  noticed gas was way too low to make it home.  pulled into "last gas stop for next 16 miles"  .. a Shell station.  turned off the gas.  jumped out the window (b/c doors are tied shut due to surfboard rack)..  gas... 3.29/gal. :-( :-(   ... filled up.  jumped back in through the window (by now, quite adept at this..)  and drove out.. ready to get on the 152 West to 101 N!  Last time, i almost hit a wall.. b/c i didnt realize that there was a turn.. 152 is really scary actually.

anyway, i made it home by 5am... i was pretty wide awake.  especially during the second to last hour when i was on 152 West.. and it was ALL WINDY. and scary.  so that was good.

and now i'm wired.  wired wired WIRED!

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