Saturday, September 11, 2010

heheheh Fresh of .. the Plane?

I asked my E* Reading Students to write me letters explaining a little about themselves and then why they're taking this class.

"My name is *** *** and I am very active and noisy girl.  I like hanging out with my friends and traveling.  I have two interesting facts.  One is that I can make dog or cat's crying sound very well.  When i am sad, I usually make that sound.  Second, I am a fob.....  ((Whoa there. hahaha))


She then talks about how she likes reading but has English problems in that she can speak it but not as well as other students.  She also wants to learn how to write a good essay since she "heard that essay is very important in America."

I like her concluding sentence especially:  "Fortunately, I am afraid of nothing because I am brand-new fob!"


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