Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an angry dream

okay, so before I begin, I must qualify this note with the fact that this is NOT the first of many dreams.  just i haven't had one for a while and this was uncommonly stressful.

don't remember much but a lot of us were in a church sanctuary for rehearsal.  I was obviously visiting or something, but also a teacher there.. and the rehearsals were supposed to end by 9:15pm, but it was 11:15pm when it ended.. and I was sooo frustrated.. and I remember certain acts.. like some guy reciting a poem.

Anyway, I visibly showed my irritation and snapped at ... wow, i am afraid of writing out her name, but you know, the one who must not be named, and responded to her innocent query of "what's the fuss? it's now over!" with a "yeah, but it should have been over 3 hours ago.  that's just inconsiderate!"  


I finally told her ! hahah.  okay. wow..  sad.  i woke up stressed and angry.  not a good way to start.  and dude, do you repent for your dreams?  i have so many sinful dreams.. where i act out sinful tendencies... and sometimes i wake up and go "whoa" but realize that i was sort of immobile during it, but other times, i consciously KNOW that i have a choice as to how i should respond/what i should say...  anyway, even in dreams, sometimes i sin, and sometimes i don't...  i guess it IS true then in Ephesians .... AHAHHAHHAHAH i just re-looked up Ephesians 2:3 and realized that what I read this morning as "by nature children of wrath, even at rest..." is actually "by nature children of wrath, even as the rest..."  HAHAHAHHAHA

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