Sunday, July 4, 2010

top chef 7 kick off .. stream of consciousness.

they're already on episode 3.. i'm on epi 1.

i thought it was "OC" not "DC" :-/ got a lil overexcited

dude, men of color are REPRESENTING
women aren't.

everyone that fails says "I'm pissed." haha

Kenny's an animal; he's SUPER fast; i love that. obviously he've been cooking a LONG time; not just some winkydinky school.

let's see how it tastes...

sucks that Angelo won.. he's cocky.. and hello Kenny, did EveRYthInG the fastest.

kenny i'm with you - Angelo's no threat, he's an obstacle.

the asian guy's super flamey.. and probably an embarrassment.. :-/

what's the hippie doing there? wHO is he? they don't even like.. talk about his background.. he's hecka weird. hahahahahah AHAHHAHAHAHA

smoked bacon froth: sounds nasty, angelo

AHAHAHAHA JOHN IS SO FuNNY HIppie crazy.. he's like.. a white, male carla. AHAHHAA the way he flares his eyes!

ok and that fat girl is really creepy; her smoky "ha ha ha ha" is weird....

AHHAHAHA JOHN IS SO FUNNY "apparently, i set the temperature for the upper oven for the lower oven.... hahahahahahhahahha

dude, Padma's got HIPS now; maybe b/c she had a baby?

why did Angelo win? argh........... he's SO annoying. DISLIKE!

awwww gooood bye John!!!!!!!! awwwww

and everyone's "awwwwww" sounds SO fake.

awwww poor John, poor John. John!

he's soo cracked out. LOL

Epi 2

DUDE that biig girl is SOO creepy


Angelo and Tracy .. soOoo .. yagggyy

nooooooo Don't throw Kenny under the bus!!!
i hate the throwing each other under the bus stage...

dude Angelo's a JERK. wOw.. he's whistling?? he's.. soOooo baaddd.. how could he do that?

i also dislike Kelly - she's kind of annoying. her only merit is that she reminds me of that actress from Miss Congeniality.

please don't send home kenny.. please.
i appreciate that you're a good sport.

whew glad Jacqueline went home..(and not Kenny)

and now that Kenny's back................... GO KICK BUTT.. KICK ANGELO'S BUTT!!!!

Angelo's ... soo.... dramatic.. and so.. weird.. and so ... weird.. AND WRONG.

ewww Johnny Iuzzini is like.. an elvis impersonator.

I LIKE tiffany and Tamesha too.

Kelly = boo .. she IS two-faced. i bet her husband's super whipped..

hahah the way Angelo talks is .. weird. hahahaha..the way he talks. hhahaAHhaha like WHERE did he come from?

timothy is like this mellow, chill, guy.. he's like.. the voice of a bedtime story. niice. hehe

dude Amanda's an alky.

"I think pies are like unicorns, they just appear magically somehow." - Arnold

whoa, where did Alex come from... hahahaha he's like a bald, mad scientist.

whoa Tracy and Angelo are like friends?

Tracy .... is weird.. crazy.. start fresh? she didn't measure ingredients?

wow what's up with ppl putting CURRY in their pie?

OHH Amanda got TOLD. hahahaha

... wow, snobby much? "is there any egg in here?... so it's more like a quiche."

wow, Tracy's weird.

Kelly . boo.


haha stephen's funny. but not gonna. i don't think.

yah kenny get into your groovE!

"I'm not a grill guy, it'll clog the pores way too fast" - Arnold.
WOW arnold.
you don't HAVE to be flamey.

where did Kevin come from? I didn't even know he existed.

Tracy's freaky.

Ooooh grill challenge = i wonder what I would do. A tritip would talk too long.

Tracy's like talking to herself... she's crazy.

Stephen is like the commentator..

Tracy talks like an old man....

an old man with lung problems. she's so crazy!

whoa Timothy is so cool.hehehe.. like "coooool" as a cucumber.

Angelo. is.. weird.

Ed is kinda.. crazy. way too much stuff all the time.. but he's so chill. haha i like the way he conducts himself.

... he's wrapping sea bass with bacon? :-(

Amanda's like... freaky. haha i liiike Tiffany; tiffany's so chill too.

Angelo talks funny. hahah Angelo is really.. funny, not purposely.. which makes it so funny.

ohhh Tracy. hahahah DUDE i LOOOVE the chill southern black guys here. they're SO chill.. and down to earth. unlike last season's freaky super-stressed, pinched, professional dudes.

Timothy's "the rub" (with the wink) hahahahahaha

dude they are soo cool. hahah "Show time"

ahahahhaha ED! "Had to be slap happy Ed' AHAHHAHA. he's gonna go home sooner or later, but i enjoy him.

Pork butt.. oh Alex.. oh.. your puns.. oh you're weird.

Arnold, good job. you're still weird/annoying.

Amanda basically did what Timothy did except.. not as much.

Dude Tracy - go home.

who's Andrea? i tried glazing with root beer before.. failed. i guess she didn't.

okay if Tracy can't figure out anything bad.. and her jokes are weird.. and the "hahahaha" is no good...

and now she tells people she's psychic.. great.

Tim? aiyO! you're So CoOl tho.... just send Tracy home.

gooodbye Tracy. ... i don't think i'd go to your restaurant... but she sees it as fair. i guess.. aww.

dude, i never wanna go on top chef.

K my mom came in and told me this is not a good way to spend the last 30 minutes of my day. touche mom, touche. signout.

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