Saturday, July 3, 2010


so when harry potter first came out, i was so meh about it.
i didn't even read it until book 3 came out.
then during a summer break at Cerritos at my cousins' place, I began reading books 1-3.
I was hooked.
Book 4 came out that summer and I checked it out from the library.
Then before book 5 came out, i reread books 1-4
Then before book 6 came out (my fav) i reread books 1-5
Then before book 7 came out (in COLLEGE) I reread books 1-6.

book 7 was slightly disappointing for me.

with the movies, with Movie 1, I went with my small group girls in high school and LOVED the quidditch.
For Movie 2, I watched it with my friend Ali Apple and her boyfriend and our little brothers.. we dressed up in capes and brought our own little animals (I an owl, she a cat).

but after Movie 3, I was over it.. the movies didn't compare to the books, I disliked the guy that played Harry, I was sad watching the movies and not seeing what I thought in my head.


I just saw the trailer for book 7.. WOW how time flew.

and I began literally squealing.

So, this summer I'm going to re-watch movies 1-6... (b/c I didn't even see 4-6) and perhaps reread/skim thru Books 1-7... and PREPARE!! AHAHAHAHA

...........suddenly I'm thinking of "Don't Waste Your Life."

Okay, maybe I won't go crazy with the books b/c I don't have time, but definitely, one day, I want to do a movie marathon.

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