Saturday, July 3, 2010

Delusions of Grandeur

saw Wicked for the third time.
because i got great seats for a reasonable price.
because it was a birthday present for my (ungrateful, cold-fished, irritable, hard to gauge) sister.

Met her family and RECOGNIZED HER BROTHER-IN-LAW (he was my old youth pastor's old student who came with his church group to do a missions presentation.. i remember he shared something or preached something... he was planning on becoming a pastor then.. and.... they are moving to Kentucky THIs SUMMEr.. dO i haVe CrAzy MeMorY oR WhAT?!)

Gotta say, this third time was MUCH better than the 2nd time I saw it.

Elphaba: I think she was the weakest one i saw, which was a little disappointing, but she was still good.

Galinda: She delivered her lines uniquely.. it was funny; she was a great singer too! She was fun!

Fiyero: Seriously, my first Fiyero was played by a black dude who had a great voice, great moves, a great look.. the second Fiyero was slightly balding and a little nasal; the third Fiyero had a modern, pop, good voice.. sounded and looked like the typical pretty boy.. attractive, but, seriously, no one can compare to the first Fiyero.

Dr. Dillamond: He sort of.. didn't NaiL the 'Glinda/Galinda' thing at the start, so it didn't make sense. (people who watched Wicked might understand).

Madame Morrible: She was not as horrible and scary as the first 2.

As usual, Orpheum theater's acoustics are a little iffy in the sense that some harmonies got drowned out. Everyone was GREAT at singing.. and it was fun to watch. I loved it.. and it's been a while, so I forgot a few things. I love how things fit.. I love yeah.. in the past, I'd feel emotionally stirred at different things; this time, definitely "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" killed me. Unfortunately, the second act felt hurried, and a little lacking in passion and emotion. I was sort of "eh!" about it.. but the FIRST act was amazing.

Honestly, the FIRST time I saw it, "Defying Gravity" was AMAZING. I feel like, after that, nothing could compare. That Elphaba was AMAZING.. but granted that a lot of the surprise factor was mixed for me, this viewing was really fun.. perhaps maybe my standards/expectations dropped a little since the Second viewing, where it was really sort of meh for me.

Wicked is fun!

finding parking in SF is not.

I realized to be a thespian star, you need to act, sing AND dance. I guess i'll never be able to hit the stage. no delusions of grandeur for me. heh

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