Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazon Customer Service HAS IMPROVED A LOT!!!

Do you remember those days when there was no phone call or email button on  If you had a problem, you had a problem and you had to deal with it?  I remember even reading an article about it, and curious, I went to look for a way to contact their customer service... sure enough, it was a crazy maze-y ordeal.

Today, I ordered three books through Amazon Prime... and lo and behold, realized i had sent it to my HOME address instead of my current one... I panicked.  I needed those books ASAP in Irvine... and yet I couldn't change it.. it was "Shipping Soon" (which on a-whole-nother note, impressed me that they're really that quick).

I quickly scoured the confirmation email to see if I could contact anyone and there was a link on the bottom.  Rather than going to the FAQs, I clicked a convenient, yellow "contact us" button, and after delineating my specific problem, opted to call them rather than e-mail them.  I typed in my phone number and in two seconds, I got a phone call from amazon where I waited roughly a minute, and the customer service was so nice, personable, and genuinely seemed to be figuring out what to do (she was sort of "hmm"ing since it *is* amazon prime and that goes faster).  She put me on hold after asking a few questions and even asked me, "well, if I *can* change it, which address should I send it to?"  .. and then she got back to me with it fixed!  Woo!

It was great and yes, I'm a satisfied customer.

Here's the customer service link!

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