Friday, December 11, 2009

posterity's sake

On Wednesday after Anne Frank presentations I showed a clip from Freedom Writers. I then offered (half-heartedly) an opportunity to watch the movie after school on Friday. I didn't have them on Thursday so I didn't expect them to come but on Friday girls asked me if I was going to show it. About 8 students stayed after school to watch it! It included a boy too! And two of the girls are poor English speakers.

The sweet thing was watching them talk and chat and chill and translate parts that the other girls couldn't understand. It's just very sweet. That's also why I wanted to show it after school; so that it wasn't a school-sanctioned event and the kids could chill. I wish I could have sat with them but I was busy finishing 2nd quarter grades.

Anyway, I was thinking, how even just a 2 year difference between my sister and I and I feel so helpless as to help her.

As I watch "Hello My Teacher" I swoon over Gong Yoo. And then I think about Kwon Sang woo (my first kdrama love) and how old he's gotten... and i think that as I grow older, I'll be past this whole youthful stage... I won't even look youthful anymore and truth be told, that makes me sad. (in Taiwan i realize how VAIN i am and how VAIN i always WAS.. lovely my worst faults are pride, unsubmission and vanity...why couldn't it have been like.. shyness, being a pushover, and trusting people too much?)

Anyway as I was watching "Hello My Teacher", Na BoRi expresses regret about how she treated her student just the way her old teachers treated her (unjustly).. it got me thinking, how even now, I get angry at my students, or call out one (out of impatience) when others are in trouble. And I'm doing stuff that I hated when I was young .... but then I also think it goes both ways.. how.. how we don't listen when we're young to people who are old. SO I WANT to write and tell myself when i'm OLDER to remember what it was like to be young and also to remind my future kids that i was young too.

it's so hard to get kids to see beyond the now. sometimes it seems futile.

but i'm easily inspired...i suppose the rest of my life will be spent depending on HIM so we'll see :-)

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