Tuesday, December 8, 2009

again, plagiarism rears its ugly head

So i'm tired and i wanna go home so this is gonna be a quickie.
- how in HS u have a sense of justice.
- after Jake K got away with cheating in math all the time and then going to stanford, never thought lightly of cheating again.
- blah blah blah.

Our school
- don't give them an opportunity to cheat
- if they do make them re-do the test

Our school demographics
- ESL .. all of them. even if they're okay at it.
- suck at writing.
- don't understand WHY we quote things etc.
- dean/supervisors don't give satisfactory reasons since they get confused with modern ideas of intellectual property etc.

My class
- i have lots of ESL kids
- what i realized this quarter is if you bring up a problem it is up to YOU to solve it
- resulted in me emailing a parent every other night, giving the student heads ups 2 weeks in advance, providing lost/missed work over and over again... all so he could barely pull in a D- because he has a bad attitude, has ADHD, and thus never pays attn in class and has to make up classwork at home and needs to do missing hw etc. behavioral issues as well. did i mention awful attitude?

-- sooo i'm reluctant right now.. because i know for sure another student did NOT write his work. And it frustrates me to NO end because he IS ESL. HE KNOWS. WRITE me a sucky paper I don't CARE. just do it in YOUR own words! ... I hinted but.. it didn't work... he showed me his work again on the computer, and i told him he spelled "lives" wrong.. and he wrote "lif" .. -_- .. SOO for SURe a perfect paper that flows PERFECTLY cannOT have been written by you; probably by your older sister who is known to be a genius at our school. ...

and basically grades are due this friday. and if i bring this up with him, he will have to re-write it. I will have to be there to watch him and make sure he does.

I'm tempted to accept it since I didn't catch him and our school actually (although tacitly) seems to FROWN on catching... so i have to be slick..b ut OH how much EASIER it would be to just ACCEPT it, give him an A.. he's not going to pass anyway, why not just..


is NOT

If anything, i see fear of man here.. I so desperately want the stupid students to like me.. and yet I can't even tell them directly to their FACES that they need to be quiet. If a student protests my reprimand, I back down right away... or laugh it off.

I can't believe i FEAR little kids! and then I puff up as soon as they like me.

This week was difficult. In light of my review last week and noticing how the 8th graders aren't quiet and how the 7th graders are.. but... i don't know.


Psalm 139: <3

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