Saturday, December 19, 2009

hello my teacher

so finished watching a drama this semester called "hello my teacher."
the premise is understandably disturbing as it unfolds a plot about a student-teacher relationship.

while trying to shrug off that part (and also reminding myself that all the high school 'students' are around 6' something and look like college grads), I couldn't help but be drawn to the wonderful way this drama portrayed teaching.

i could relate with the first day of school and Na bori's hopes of trying to win over the students and also figuring out what to do about teacher-student dynamics since she's so young.

i also loved the conversations about helping the students or what to do as a teacher and the semi-helplessness and then the acceptance of making do with the situation.

i also remembered what it's like to be a student and the issues concerning that (love, family, poverty, grades) and how in high school those WERe the life-death situations. hence a lot of tears were shed while watching this drama.

it's very similar to Gokusen with a little random smaller plot within the episode, and i liked that. i loved just the.. old school love and care that the class displayed and the solidarity.

so unrealistic; random stray storylines.. but yeah i liked it. <3

and you can write off irrational behavior to the fact that tae-in is still a high school student.

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