Friday, November 13, 2009

the nerve!

In my reading class I require my students to have a notebook. I'm pretty picky (strict, anal) about the format about the notebook, and I tell the students where to put what.

It turns out that one (fool of a) student threw away his notebook...... ......


It's a major project grade.

So, I offered in the beginning of the year to have an extra notebook on hand where students can get notes/homework that they missed. An act of altruism on my part, if you will.

Last quarter, I realized how ridiculous it is for me to constantly re-write my notes into a notebook for the students. So, instead, I copy down homework assignments etc, but for class notes, I send them over to a student I designated as a class note-taker.

She gets extra credit.

Today, the (fool of a) student finally got back to me to make up his notebook. He comes back with my notebook.

"Sort of useless.. except for the homework part."
"Yeah, Alice takes class notes."
"Oh. So you're not writing?"
"I already wrote it on the board; she gets extra credit."
Then as he walks out the door, he casually slides in this passing remark: "Seems kind of lazy..."


If he were in my office, I would have simply said, "Nope, smart!"

If he were in my office and if today wasn't Friday and if I wasn't in a good mood, I would have said, "Excuse me? Who says I even need to give you this? You're the one who lost the notes. You're the one whose grades are going down the tubes. You're the one who gives me ridiculous excuses. You're the one whose an (okay omit this part!) blah blah blah. I'm the one offering this little grace of a notebook for YOU to catch up. I'm the one allowing you to turn in a notebook THREE WEEKS LATE and giving you more than half credit. And I'm the one whose lazy?"

Yes. That's what I thought.

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