Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Fun Theory

websites i like but provide a poor commentary on society today

I just found The Fun Theory today.  Granted, I enjoyed watching the youtube videos and the creativity and time people have to run such experiments.  However, I find it sad that in order to get people to do the harder, more mundane duties in life, we have to figure out a way to make it fun.
I think it's disgusting that we have to cater to the whims of people; to coax them into seeing a reason (fun) to do something that is better for them, better for others, or better for things. 
It makes people grow up with expectations; the expectation for gratification instead of just the knowledge that what they did was good.
I say this because as a teacher, I notice how we have to figure out new methods of teaching simply because technology has gotten savvier and kids get bored more easily.  What happened to days of note-taking by hand; or actually cracking open a book to get information?  What happened to imagination of the simple, harmless variety.

I assign creative writing prompts sporadically and am horrified at how at loss kids are as to what to write.   They whine if things are boring, they can't sit still, they have to be reminded that ipods and cell phones are NOT for class.  

It's absolutely ridiculous.
I sound like a 60+ year old curmudgeon but I'm not.  I'm a 22 year old young lady.  How much worse will this be 40 years from now?

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