Friday, November 6, 2009

Hairy Potter?

Yesterday I woke up at 7:13am and arrived at school by 7:28am. Pretty gangster, if I don't say so myself. Especially if you consider the fact that I peed, brushed my teeth, took a complete shower (shampoo/conditioner/bodywash/facewash) and put on lotion and eyeliner. Not to mention everything else in coming to school (getting dressed etc).

I'm pretty speedy.

I have a special secret though. On days where I'm running late, I wear a dress.

Putting on pants (pulling them up, hopping on one leg while rushing, zipping, buckling, on occasion belting) and a shirt (matching, pulling on, or buttoning, getting a (matching) cami to wear under if necessary) = thought!
Throwing on a dress = no thought!

Unfortunately, a dress is a cause for bare legs. It's not immodesty I'm worried about (since my dress goes past the knees for all you legalists), but rather... well, it's been a while since Miss Kim has shaved her legs. I don't do it often actually; the hairs are pretty fine and light colored so you don't notice them ... BUT if you're in your office and you're bored and you begin to stare intensely at your legs.. you notice that they are now about half a centimeter long!

I suppose this is another time to be thankful for Taiwan.

In Taiwan, NOBODY shaves their legs.

HOORAY! Retire the razor for this season of life!!!!!

And for all you people who know how anal I am about armpit hair I'd like to share with you by newfound pre-bedtime obsession: plucking!!!!! (the great alternative for people who dislike armpit hair, enjoy little bits of pain, and the satisfaction that you're pulling out the problem by the roots! no stubble at all!)


  1. O M G junia is this post for REAL? HAHAHAHAHA wowwowwwwwww..

    and what's more surprising is that i totally respect you for everything you've written (except for your armpit hair-plucking obsession..). dress days for hectic mornings = genius! i guess it's similar logic behind monks wearing shifts, or serfs wearing tunics. bottom line, we all just need some sort of whole-body-sized cloth to cover our nakedness, and the rest is gravy!

    i keep expecting this post to disappear as i write this comment, or to wake up and realize it was all a dream.. its just too good to be true. :8)


    I LOVE YOU. you're hilarious.

    and that armpit hair plucking thing makes me want to pee from pain. :(