Friday, November 13, 2009

crescent rolls

i love crescent rolls; i make it usually with pillsbury biscuit dough.

anyway i saw this recipe a while ago and was really tempted to try it
After all, it did post itself as their "favorite thanksgiving rolls."

I haven't made bread since my pre-teen years, and honestly they weren't the most pleasant experiences.  My mom would make bread, I would want to "help".  Help consisted of me doing the stickiest worst kneading until I was too tired to continue.  Then my mom would thank me, compliment my kneading skills, and comment on "how easy it was" now that I had done the hard part.  i was unamused.

I bought yeast a week ago, and today I actually went ahead and made it!

Wasn't too bad

For this recipe, I recommend that you KNEAD the dough before rolling it out.  You'll see why.

I also didn't have powdered milk so I just put in 1/4 C of yogurt. I don't know if that added or took away from it.

I'd put more butter in it as well.

Also, while waiting, I grabbed a small glob of dough, put in some brown sugar, and fried it in brown sugar and made ho-dduk!  Great!

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