Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What doesn't kill you...

Is Mighty Delicious!

Last night I meandered around my school looking for a quick place to grab dinner.
I saw a woman in front of a lone stand and it said "shao cong bing" .. but it looked different.

The old lady making it only spoke Taiyu, so I was sort of in trouble.

Anyway, she grabbed the previous woman's money, put it away, then grabbed a lump of white
, green-onion specked dough and dipped it into the pan of old oil.
Then she began to use some random rod looking thing and rolled it out into a thin pancake.
then she lit the grill, and sifted out chunks of old fried dough and threw my pancake into the pan.
She added an egg and a buuunch of fresh green onions.

Then I requested she added spicy stuff, and she folded it, cut it and put it into a greasy bag for me.

I knew in my head, "this is either gonna be realllly good, or it's going to make me reaallly sick."

It was reallllly good!
(time will tell if i'll also get realllly sick)

All resolutions to only "eat food for which you know every ingredient"* and to "eat breakfast alone, eat lunch with friends, and give dinner to your enemy"* flew out the window.  i finished this dinner with a yummy egg tart.  Whee~!

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