Wednesday, October 28, 2009

exercise #2: Jogging

So last night i set the alarm for 5:55am to go swimming.
But alas, the alarm was OFF, but I caught Kathy on her way out to go jogging... in my soporific state, i made the split second decision....

"Kathy?  where are you going?"
"what time is it?
"... ... give me five minutes, i'll go with you"
I brushed my teeth, put on a long tee and bball shorts and tried to tie my hair, found a headband and left with her.

we jogged.  i was really pumped from having watched Anapolis last night... but.. i quickly failed and while Kathy proceeded to run another lap, I walked home.  it was.. maybe 20+ minutes total.  Eh, better than nothing.

Being in Taiwan, you're allowed to do weird things you'd never do in America.. I took full advantage of my liberty and swung my arms wildly, tried pounding my stomach for a bit to see if that would make it go in, and did some random lunge-like things on my walk home.  No taichi for me yet.

Anyway, by the time I got home, I took a semi-cold shower (the warm water probably got used up) and was at school, wired and ready!  I was wired for the morning up until mid-Chapel.

Then, I was fighting the fatigue.
When I taught grammar, I felt like the back of my eyes were puffy.  I felt like I should be asleep.
During lunch, I just chewed, and ate.

Then as I was walking up to teach my last two classes I was thinking in my head "I can't believe this......"  

I seriously felt like I was teaching in my sleep, or falling asleep while I was teaching.
The sun was streaming into the room and kids were melting... in the middle of class I told everyone to sit up straight.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear certain people reading when they previously didn't.

By the time 8th grade reading came around, it was definitely a winged "review session" and by the end, I went up to my office, attempted to finish writing a test, and just decided to take a nap.

My nap lasted an hour.
I was out! head on my desk, semi-self-unconsciously watching out for drool..

During my nap, I dreamt that Jeffrey, a boy who NEVER talks in class, who doesn't do homework and doesn't respond, and who (I have a sneaking suspicion) doesn't really respect me, was saying "yes" and filling out his homework and just talking and reading and demonstrating that he really did understand!

I woke up, and realized it was just a dream.  

Then about an hour later, I laughed because I thought about that dream and how it was really a dream (ie: not real), and how it was ACTUALLY a dream (ie: my hope)... and it was only a dream (ie: it would never happen)... and then I thought it was funny that I would dream about that.

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